Services Available

We take a multi-disciplinary, individualized approach to teach, encourage and support each boy's healing process to a new way of life. After an initial assessment, an individual treatment plan is developed, forming the foundation for each boy's care at Northcutt.

Specific services include:

• Regular individual, family and group therapy sessions along with individual and group chemical dependency counseling, if needed.

• Psychiatric and Nursing services ensure that an effective medication regimen is initiated, monitored and modified when appropriate — we have 24-hour Nursing coverage.

• Services are grounded in the philosophy of Trauma-informed Care.

• A structured program that includes recreation, outdoor activities, and socialization.

• On-site educational services — including a computer lab — are provided by a certified special education teacher who works with each student’s home school district to facilitate provision of credit for academic work completed while at Northcutt.

• We coordinate each boy's healthcare needs during his stay at Northcutt.

• We offer mental health supports and follow-up services for boys in transition back to their home location • While the average length of stay is 6 months — each boy’s time at Northcutt is determined by his personal progress toward his treatment goals.

Payment for Services

Northcutt Residential Treatment Center is a Title IV-E eligible facility. Room and Board expenses are typically funded by a Children Services Board, Juvenile Court, or a Family and Children First Council. Clinical Services are funded through Medicaid.