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Northcutt Residential Treatment Center

At Eastway, we understand that often children simply need hope. Opened in Dayton in 2002 as a safe space for teens, some of who were pregnant, Northcutt transitioned in 2014 to a safe, healing environment for elementary school-aged boys who are victims of trauma.


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Northcutt is a forward-thinking residential treatment center for elementary school-aged boys who have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Children who have been through trauma struggle with the consequences of this trauma—which often include mental illness and addiction. Northcutt’s staff can intervene at a critical time in a child’s life.

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Located in Dayton, Ohio, Northcutt provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment where children can begin to get the help they need and start to heal. Boys embrace the sports and game motif echoed throughout the Center. Here, they begin to reclaim the innocence that has been taken from them.

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