Our Services

At Northcutt each boy receives an individualized treatment plan to meet his own specific needs. By using trauma-informed care—a nationally recognized philosophy of care proven to lead to positive outcomes for victims of trauma—we can provide the assistance these boys need. Services include therapy, socialization and recreation, on-site educational services and healthcare.

Specific services include:

  • Regular individual, family and group therapy sessions along with individual and group chemical dependency counseling, if needed.
  • Psychiatric and nursing services ensure that an effective medication regimen is initiated, monitored and modified when appropriate — we have 24-hour nursing coverage.
  • Structured programming that includes recreation, outdoor activities, and socialization. 
  • On-site educational services — including a computer lab — a provided by a certified special education teacher who works with each student’s home school district to facilitate provision of credit for academic work completed while at Northcutt. 
  • Coordination of each boy's healthcare needs during his stay at Northcutt.
  • Mental health supports and follow-up services for boys in transition back to their home location.